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College-Wide Awards and Funding Opportunities

  • Kaiser Permanente Health Disparities Fellowship Award.  The purpose of the fund is to provide partial graduate assistantship support for the academic year to a Ph.D. student whose dissertation topic relates to health disparities. Donate here.
  • Public Health Outreach Support Fund Award. The purpose of the fund is to provide support to a graduate student conducting a community based outreach project designed to address health disparities in Georgia. Donate here.
  • Stuart & Renee Feldman Health Disparities Award. The purpose of the Fund is to provide students, faculty and staff in the College of Public Health the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of health disparities and the outcomes faced by underserved and disadvantaged populations, to disseminate information about these health disparities, and to develop and participate in activities designed to address the problem of health disparities for these populations. Donate here.
  • Master of Public Health Alumni Fund. Support the Master of Public Health program by providing opportunities for special programming, conference attendance, professional education and networking for MPH students. Donate here.

Departmental Scholarships and Awards

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • Ann & Tipton Golias International Travel Award. The purpose of the fund is to provide support to graduate students participating in internships abroad concentrating in Epidemiology. Donate here.

Environmental Health Sciences

  • The Rowe Environmental Health Award, named in honor of the Rowe Family and in memory of Kimberly Lynne Rowe (1970-1995), an Environmental Health Science alumnus and a budding public health professional. This fund endows a scholarship for undergraduate students dedicated to public health. Donate here.
  • John J. Sheuring Scholarship, established in 1967 by the Georgia Society of Professional Sanitarians (now known as the Georgia Environmental Health Association) in honor of Professors John Sheuring and Herb Henderson who started the Environmental Health Science program.
  • Harold Barnhart Undergraduate Award Fund. Dr. Harold Barnhart has been, and continues to be, a great influence to many of the Environmental Health Science (EHS) alumni. As an EHS faculty member, he provided his students, with the leadership, guidance, and encouragement they needed to become successful in environmental health, and he continues to be a roll model for many of his former students today. This award goes to an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Health. Donate here.
  • Environmental Health Science Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarship support to student populations that are underrepresented within the Department of Environmental Health Science. Criteria for selection will be based upon academic achievement, letters of recommendation and the student’s stated interest in Environmental Health careers. Donate here.
  • The Georgia Power Environmental Health Science Scholarship Fund. This fund provides two scholarships to students in the Department of Environmental Health Science, and they are used to recruit members of under represented and diverse backgrounds. Georgia Power’s priority is to increase access and educational opportunities for diverse populations and underserved communities to ensure a future workforce. Donate here.
  • The Georgia Power Professor Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Health Science. This fund is for a graduate assistant that will work with and assist in the research of the Georgia Power Professor of Environmental Health Science. Donate here.
  • The Randall Oliver Manning Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarship support to an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Health Science. Donate here.

Health Promotion and Behavior

  • The David Hayes Undergraduate Award. This fund provides undergraduate Health Promotion and Behavior students with an opportunity to develop their teaching, research, and general professional skills by providing support for travel expenses related to attendance at professional conferences or meetings, lectures, or study abroad; professional education such as workshops, classes or trainings; expenses related to research while at the University of Georgia; student initiated programs or activities designed to improve the health of Georgians; and classroom materials intended to enhance an undergraduate student’s classroom experience. Donate here.

Health Policy and Management

  • The Connie Lloyd Scholarship Fund was established with a transfer of funds from the American College of Medical Practice Executives to the College of Public Health. The fund provides a scholarship to a student in the College of Public Health. The recipient of the scholarship shall have a program of study that includes course work, outreach, or internships focused on women and health. Donate here.

Departmental Support Funds

Program Support Funds

  • College of Public Health Fund. General discretionary fund for CPH programs and iniatives. Donate here.
  • State of Public Health Conference Fund. This fund supports our annual State of Public’s Health Conference. Donate here.