The Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management, offered by the College’s Institute for Disaster Management, provides students with an understanding of the principles of disaster management. Students receive advanced training in planning for and response to man-made and natural disasters to improve health outcomes and reduce property losses in affected regions around the world.

The certificate program is open to current graduate students in any discipline, provided the student has a satisfactory academic and/or professional background. Post-baccalaureate individuals not currently enrolled in a graduate program may be admitted as non-degree graduate students.

Courses (12 Hours Total)


Students must take the following two courses, one additional DMAN elective course, and 3 other hours of elective coursework (12 total hours) to be eligible to receive a certificate in disaster management.


Required Courses:
DMAN 7100 — Introduction to Disaster Management
DMAN 7200 — Disaster Management for Health Professionals OR DMAN 7560 – Healthcare Emergency Management

DMAN 7200 — Disaster Management for Health Professionals (only if not taken as a core class)
DMAN 7400 or 7400E – Public Health Crises and Disaster Management
DMAN 7450 — GIS in Disaster
DMAN 7500 — Understanding Terrorism and Homeland Security
DMAN 7560 — Healthcare Emergency Management (only if not taken as a core class)
DMAN 7600 — Disaster Policy, Law, and Ethics
DMAN 7650 — Disaster Mental Health Overview
DMAN 8900 — Special Topics in Disaster Management -OR- DMAN 8910 — Problems in Disaster Management

Other elective options can be found here.

Note that not all courses will be offered each semester and inclusion upon this list does not indicate that a course will be offered in the future. Prior approval by the host department may be required to enroll in some courses.

How to Apply

All students must first complete the certificate program application link to apply to the program.  The application will be reviewed and you will be notified once your application has been processed.

Students will be required to successfully complete 18 hours of coursework, including nine hours of required core coursework and nine hours from a list of electives

Completing the Certificate

Once all course requirements are complete, students must apply to graduate in Athena.  Please follow the steps below so that credit for the certificate is applied to your UGA transcript.  Graduate students may do this prior to completing a graduate degree from the university.  The certificate is a stand-alone certification and can be awarded once all requirements are met.

  • Apply to graduate in Athena Candidates for completion of the certificate must apply to graduate using the graduation application available in Athena by the withdrawal deadline of the semester in which they intend to graduate. Detailed instructions on how to apply to graduate can be found here on the UGA Office of the Registrar website.