The Graduate Certificate in Global Health, offered by the Global Health Institute, is designed to equip graduate students with the basic skills necessary to function effectively in global health practice. Recognizing the critical role of multi-disciplinary education in global health, electives and internships will be expected by student involvement with various other colleges and schools of the university.

Objectives of the program include: increase students’ understanding of the global character of health problems, demonstrate the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to solving global health problems, develop skills that enable efforts to address global health problems and develop knowledge that will assist in advocacy for the solution of global health problems.

  • How to Apply

    Students interested in applying to the Graduate Certificate of Global Health program at the College of Public Health must be admitted in the the UGA Graduate School seeking either degree or non-degree status to be eligible.

    Please contact Paula Davis-Olwell for details on how to apply to the Graduate Certificate in Global Health.

  • Required Courses (18 hours)

    Required Course (3 hours):

    GLOB 7100 – Foundations in Global Health

    Elective Courses (9-12 hours):

    Through their elective choices, students can develop a global health theme, with that approval of the program coordinator, that guides their course of study.

    Experiential Learning (3-6 hours): 

    GLOB 8910 – Global Health Research
    SGLOB 7760 – Global Health Internship
    SABD 7760 – Global Health Internship