The Disaster Management Undergraduate Certificate, offered by he College’s Institute for Disaster Management, provides a strong foundation in introducing concepts in disaster management and the study of disasters from a social and scientific perspective. It includes courses on the societal impacts and causes of natural and man-made hazards, as well as equips students to engage in both applied and scholarly work in emergency management.

Courses (18 Total Hours)

How to Apply

Although DMAN classes are open to all students, those who wish to complete the Disaster Management Certificate must apply to the certificate program and be accepted before completing their coursework.

Please contact Certificate Advisor Heather McEachern for details on how to apply to the Undergraduate Certificate in Disaster Management.

Required Courses (9 Hours)

DMAN 3100 – Disasters and Society

Choose two courses from the list below:

DMAN 3200 – Disaster Policy
DMAN 3300 – International Aspects of Disaster
DMAN 4100 – Methods in Disaster Research

Electives (9 Hours)

Choose 3 courses from the list below. At least 2 courses must be from the DMAN prefix, and no more than 6 hours of independent study credit may count toward the certificate.

ADPR 5120 – Crisis Communication
ATSC (GEOG) 3130 – Atmospheric Hazards
CSCI 4350/6350 – Global Information Systems
CVLE 3470* – Civil Engineering Laboratory – Structural
DMAN 3200 – Disaster Policy
DMAN 3300 – International Aspects of Disaster
DMAN 3400 – Disasters, Media, and Pop Culture
DMAN 4100 – Methods in Disaster Research
DMAN 4960 – Independent Study in Disaster Management and Research
DMAN 4970 – Independent Study in Disaster Management and Research
DMAN 4980 – Independent Study in Disaster Management and Research
DMAN 4990  – Independent Study in Disaster Management and Research
EHSC 4400 – Environmental Issues in the Developing World
GEOG 4370/6370-4370L/6370L – Geographic Information Science
GEOG 3640 – Geography of Human Rights
HPAM 3500 – Introduction to Healthcare Management
HPAM 4410 – Introduction to Health Informatics and Analytics
INTL 4440 – Strategic Intelligence
SOCI 4700 – Global Terrorism

Additional elective options may be available. Please contact the Institute for Disaster Management for further information.

*CVLE is one credit hour and therefore the student may take two independent research hours in DMAN laboratory research projects to reach 15 hours. DMAN research/directed studies courses are in review in CAPA as DMAN 4960/4970/4980/4990.