The Institute for Disaster Management researches and disseminates policies and practices required to coordinate public/private, rural/urban and military/civilian resources to address the major healthcare impacts of epidemics, natural disasters and terrorist attacks.  IDM investigators conduct event modeling exercises across the state to study and improve how institutions respond to mass casualty situations.  The Institute also operates the public health emergency operations center that the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH) utilizes for hospital mass casualty management.

Recent Research and Training Focuses

Community Disaster Preparedness: Since 2006, the Institute for Disaster Management has been contracted by the Georgia Department of Public Health to manage the state’s health care community preparedness program by designing and implementing disaster exercises for hospitals, nursing homes and other health care organizations across the state. The Healthcare Community Preparedness Program in the Institute has assisted more then 140 hospital, 100 long-term care facilities, and 500 community partners in identify and preparing for disasters of high likelihood and consequences in their respective regions.

Nuclear Attack Simulations: For decades, scientists at the Institute have been conducting research on the consequences of nuclear detonation in urban areas, with a particular focus on examining the outcomes of medical casualty distributions and identifying the emergency response approaches needed to deal with them. IDM publications in this area of expertise have been highly accessed worldwide.

New Training Emergency Operations Center (EOC): The Institute recently moved into the Commissary, a state-of-the-art 8,500 square foot facility on the UGA Health Sciences Campus, that will allow IDM to further expand its research, teaching and service initiatives for community resilience in crisis. The new Training Emergency Operations Center (TEOC) is modeled on the cutting-edge facilities found at the federal and private institutions and enables training and research for students and current practitioners from around the world in disaster management.

UAVs at IDM:  Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) are becoming prominent in disaster response. As a result, IDM leading the way in research and training in this rapidly evolving and complex field.