Ernest Corn Professorship of Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Dr. Christopher Whalen

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Regents at their November meeting approved the establishment of the Ernest Corn Professorship of Infectious Disease EpidemiologyDr. Christopher Whalen has been appointed to hold this professorship.

Dr. Ernest Corn was born in 1887 in Towns County, Georgia where he completed his early education.  Upon graduation from high school, Dr. Corn attended the Atlanta School of Pharmacy and transferred to the Emory School of Medicine.  After serving in the military in World War I, Dr. Corn moved to New York to further his medical education in the field of Urology.  After completion of his courses, he practiced in Macon Georgia for 50 years.  Donor representative, Abby Irby, along with her husband John Irby and other family members, in honor of Mrs. Irby’s grandfather Dr. Ernest Corn and a desire to strengthen the programs in the College of Public Health, made a gift to The Arch Foundation to establish the professorship.

The Professorship will be used to further expand and focus on the study of how emerging infectious diseases are established, development of epidemiologic and analytic methods for the study of infectious diseases in migrant and other economically and socially marginalized populations and the design of community-based interventions to decrease the incidence of disease and the risky behavior associated with its transmission, especially in groups at highest risk for infection.

Posted November 18, 2010.