Maria Eugenia Castellanos Reynosa

Global Health Institute
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Curriculum Vitae

Global Health Institute

  • PhD Epidemiology, College of Public Health, UGA, US, 2019
  • MSc Medical Microbiology, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK 2008
Areas of Expertise

Research: tuberculosis, malaria, HIV, global health, infectious diseases epidemiology, diagnostics, molecular epidemiology

Teaching: infectious diseases epidemiology, medical microbiology, biochemistry, introduction to epidemiology, clinical laboratory

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

2018. Dissertation Completion Award, Graduate School, University of Georgia.
2016-2018. Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Program.
2015. Ann and Tipton Golias International Travel Fund in Epidemiology. College of Public Health, University of Georgia.
2015. 2015 Tinker Graduate Field Research Travel Award. Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute – University of Georgia.
2013. Fulbright LASPAU Faculty Development Program in the United States.
2013. Full scholarship to attend the Latin-American training workshop on molecular epidemiology applied to infectious diseases at Lima, Perú.
2011. Award for Top 3 Best Posters by Young Researchers. 7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health. Barcelona, Spain.
2008 . Honor Roll in MSc Medical Microbiology. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and University of Liverpool. Liverpool, UK.
2008. Japan-IDB Scholarship Program. Washington, DC, United States. Scholarship to fund a master’s degree at the University of Liverpool.
2007 . Best graduation thesis. Chemical Biology Sciences and Pharmacy Faculty. Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
1998-2000. Honor Roll in Chemical Biology. Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy Faculty. Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.


The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH)
Society for Epidemiological Research
Member, College of Pharmacists and Chemists of Guatemala

Research Interests

Coming from Guatemala, she has been able to see first-hand the challenges associated with improving health outcomes in low-income and under-resourced settings. She is eager to contribute to optimize current infectious diseases control strategies in countries like her own. She has strong training and expertise as a medical microbiologist, field coordinator and epidemiologist.
She is passionate about public health and the research of infectious diseases, particularly tuberculosis, malaria and HIV.

Selected Publications

McKay B, Castellanos M, Ebell M, Whalen CC, Handel A (2019). An attempt to reproduce a previous meta-analysis and a new analysis regarding the impact of directly observed therapy on tuberculosis treatment outcomes. PLoS ONE 14(5): e0217219.

Castellanos, M. E., S. Kirimunda, L. Martinez, T. Quach, H. Woldu, R. Kakaire, A. Handel, S. Zalwango, N. Kiwanuka and C. C. Whalen (2018). “Performance of the QuantiFERON((R))-TB Gold In-Tube assay in tuberculin skin test converters: a prospective cohort study.” Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 22(9): 1000-1006.

Bardaji, A., F. E. Martinez-Espinosa, M. Arevalo-Herrera, N. Padilla, S. Kochar, M. Ome-Kaius, C. Botto-Menezes, M. E. Castellanos, D. K. Kochar, S. K. Kochar, I. Betuela, I. Mueller, S. Rogerson, C. Chitnis, D. Hans, M. Menegon, C. Severini, H. Del Portillo, C. Dobano, A. Mayor, J. Ordi, M. Piqueras, S. Sanz, M. Wahlgren, L. Slutsker, M. Desai, C. Menendez and G. PregVax Study (2017). “Burden and impact of Plasmodium vivax in pregnancy: A multi-centre prospective observational study.” PLoS Negl Trop Dis 11(6): e0005606.

Martinez, L., M. E. Castellanos, B. D. Hallowell and C. C. Whalen (2017). “Innovative Methods to Manage, Detect, and Prevent Tuberculosis.” Am J Respir Crit Care Med 195(4): 530-532.

Martinez, L., L. Zhu, M. E. Castellanos, Q. Liu, C. Chen, B. D. Hallowell and C. C. Whalen (2017). “Glycemic Control and the Prevalence of Tuberculosis Infection: A Population-based Observational Study.” Clin Infect Dis 65(12): 2060-2068.

Castellanos, M. E., S. Diaz, E. Parsons, L. F. Peruski, F. Enriquez, J. L. Ramirez and N. Padilla (2015). “First imported Plasmodium ovale malaria in Central America: case report of a Guatemalan soldier and a call to improve its accurate diagnosis.” Mil Med Res 2: 3.

Castellanos, M. E., A. Bardaji, M. Menegon, A. Mayor, M. Desai, C. Severini, C. Menendez and N. Padilla (2012). “Plasmodium vivax congenital malaria in an area of very low endemicity in Guatemala: implications for clinical and epidemiological surveillance in a malaria elimination context.” Malar J 11: 411.