Xiaozhong “John” Yu

Environmental Health Science
Associate Professor

Professional Website

Environmental Health Science


PhD, Occupational and Environmental Toxicology, Nagoya University

MS, Toxicology, Shanghai Medical University, 1991

Preventive Medicine, Nanking Medical University, 1988

Areas of Expertise

Research: In vitro alternative toxicity testing, especially reproductive toxicology, molecular mechanism of environmental obesigens
high content analysis, single cells based quantitative measurement, toxicogenomics

Teaching: toxicology, industrial or occupational safety and health, occupational and environmental diseases


Society of Toxicology (2002- present)

American Industrial Hygiene Association (2012-present)

Teratology Society (2004-present)

Course Instruction

EHSC 4100/4100L Industrial Hygiene (Each Fall)

EHSC 7150/7150L Occupation Hygiene and Safety (Even Spring)

EHSC 8400 Occupational and Environmental Diseases (Odd Spring)

EHSC 8020 Advanced Environmental Health Science

Dr. Yu employs a hands-on teaching approach that uses the tools that he develops and uses in his research. He has a diverse teaching scope and have contributed greatly at all levels of curriculum both for EHS graduate program and Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program.

Research Interests

Dr. Yu’s laboratory research is developing advanced tools to measures, models, and manipulates signaling activities at the single-cell (Micro) or population (Marco) levels to understand Dynamic Cellular Information Processing, and to explore the relationship between environmental exposures and human diseases. The ultimate goal is to improve public health by performing state of the art research that develops the scientific basis of methods used in risk assessment. We are currently developing in vitro three-dimensional cell culture models for improved methods to evaluate and predict toxicity, and discover novel Omics’ biomarkers.


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