Professor Receives Grant to Study Income and Health in Georgia

Angela Fertig, faculty of Health Policy and Management of the College of Public Health, received $25,690 to study the health necessities of Georgia through the Poverty and the Economy Faculty Research Grant.

Fertig proposed to study the persistent health needs of the state by identifying the counties with poor health for children, working-age adults and seniors. She said she hopes to also determine risk factors associated with the continuous poor health in various counties throughout Georgia.

“If we want to intervene to help break the cycle of poverty and poor health, we need to know what types of interventions will be the most effective,” Fertig said.

She said she hoped the project would lead future research to examine the causal connections of income and health.

“I was thrilled to get this grant,” Fertig said. “I felt that this grant was made for me — I’m an economist who studies low-income populations.”

Fertig, along with Douglas Bachtel, professor in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, expect to have their research completed by Dec. 31, 2008.

“I am very excited to work with Doug Bachtel,” Fertig said. “This is a new partnership for us and so far, I think he is fantastic.”

Two research assistants, Arati Dahal and Mumbi Okundaye, will work on the project.

“I am hopeful that the two research assistants…will learn a lot and want to pursue more research along these lines,” Fertig said.

The grant was awarded by the Office of the Vice President of Public Service and Outreach and was sponsored by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., who provides funds for applied research and scholarships related to poverty and the economy in Georgia.

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Posted December 13, 2007.