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The Institute of Gerontology is committed to preparing Georgia’s future leaders in aging. To achieve this goal, we appreciate support and giving from our community members.

The Cognitive Aging Research and Education (CARE) Center Sustainability Fund

This discretionary fund provides general support for the CARE Center including travel, research, supplies, equipment, conferences fees, awards, business-related meals and entertainment, and any other related expenses. Learn more about the CARE Center.

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The Chris and Annette Marsh CARE Center Student Support Fund

The Marsh Fund supports UGA students directly involved with the Institute of Gerontology Cognitive Aging Research Education (CARE) Center and assists with scholarships, graduate assistantships, equipment expenses, student travel, faculty and student recruitment, service-learning courses, and supplies related to research, education, and service. Learn more about Chris and Annette Marsh and their commitment to improving dementia care.

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Gerontology Donors

Dr. Leonard Poon (right) with his wife, Marie Poon, (left) and Dr. Mary Ann Johnson.

Mary Ann Johnson Aging and Health Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Mary Ann Johnson in honor of her parents, Mary Joan and James E. Johnson, who made many sacrifices to ensure their five children received professional and higher education degrees. Dr. Johnson was a graduate coordinator at the University of Georgia for 20 years. Her career focused on training the next generation of scholars and practitioners in nutrition, health and aging, and she helped mentor graduate students from numerous departments, schools and colleges across campus. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for a graduate student(s) having completed at least two graduate courses in aging, gerontology, or geriatrics and showing demonstrated research or practice related to aging.

Leonard W. and Marie A. Poon Student Mentoring Award

Dr. Leonard W. Poon is an internationally recognized scholar in cognition, longevity, and aging and served as the Director of the Institute of Gerontology for 26 years. Each year the Leonard W. and Marie A. Poon Student Mentoring Award provides funding to recognize some of the particularly outstanding scholarship by students presented at the annual Southeastern Student Mentoring Conference in Gerontology and Geriatrics. For 27 years, this conference has provided the only dedicated venue for students and faculty from across the southeastern United States to share their passion for gerontology and geriatrics. Through the generous donation of Leonard and Marie Poon, three top students are awarded a cash prize to recognize their outstanding achievements.

The University of Georgia supports giving in many ways, including to our research institutes. If you’d like to contribute to the mission at the Institute of Gerontology, we invite you to visit