We encourage undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in research. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in learning more about research in aging. By working closely with faculty mentors, research assistants often find ways to apply what they have learned in the classroom to “hands on” research projects and interventions. For undergraduates interested in attending graduate school, this experience allows you to learn whether or not you like research, and is invaluable support for your graduate school application.

Students may receive course credit to conduct research with faculty. Students can earn Health Promotion credits, Gerontology credits, Social Work credits, technology and engineering credits, etc. Other credits can be earned as well, but we would prefer you apply with the interest of those listed above. Undergraduates can also sign up for research credits through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO). Students may choose anywhere from 1-3 semesters doing CURO research with a Gerontology faculty member (GRNT4960/4970/4980). Graduate students can enroll in GRNT 8000 (Advanced Topics in Gerontological Research). All research course credits are by permission of the instructor, so we encourage you to contact the faculty members directly to discuss your interests. All studies will give students the chance to work with participants and graduate mentors to collect data pertaining to aging, nutrition, technology, and health. Applications will be reviewed year round. You can read about the wide variety of exciting research projects conducted by IOG faculty and affiliates on our research page.

To apply to be an Institute of Gerontology Research Assistant, please complete this form:
Research Assistant Application