The Climate, Disaster & Health Work Group aims to become a multidisciplinary leader in disaster prevention and intervention and to deliver strategic policy insights, emergency preparedness, and response to promote public health.

Members are experts in evaluation research, mitigation, and emergency response and have four current domains of research and outreach that intersect with climatological, social, and technological disasters –

  • People and Place
  • Policy
  • Population Behavior
  • Risk Assessment

Members & Contact

To connect with the working group, please contact the working group co-leads, Dr. Michelle Ritchie and Dr. Allan Tate. Please find a list of UGA partners and collaborators linked here with research and outreach around disaster prevention, response, and intervention.

Alan E. Stewart
Sun Joo Ahn
Alan P. Covich
Allan David Tate
Andrew Jay Grundstein
Andrew W. Park
Carolyn Cummins
Castle Adam Williams
Cham Edwards Dallas
Charles A. Easley IV
Clark Raymond Alexander Jr.
Curtis Andrew Harris
Daniel M. Bodansky
David E. Stooksbury
Deepak R. Mishra
Donald Robert Nelson
Elizabeth Wieling
Emily V. Bell
Erin K. Lipp
Ford Ballantyne IV
Gabriel J. Kooperman
James Marshall Shepherd
James W. Porter
Jane McPherson
Janice R. Hume
Jeffrey A. Hepinstall-Cymerman
Jeffrey Daniel Mullen
Jennifer Elkins
Jill T. Anderson
John Andrew Knox
John Lind Gittleman
John McGreevy
José F. Cordero
Katie Darby Hein
Kyle Maurice Woosnam
Lori A. Sutter
Luke Peter Naeher
Mark D. Hunter
Mark Daniel Anderson
Mateusz J. Filipski
Meredith Lynn Welch Devine
Michael A. Cacciatore
Michael Reed Coughlan
Michelle Amanda Ritchie
Morgan Taylor
Nina Wurzburger
Patricia Lynn Yager
Portia Johnson
Robert J. Cooper
Samantha B. Joye
Sara Ervin Smith
Susana Ferreira
Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch
Theodore L. Gragson
William K. Fitt Jr.
William Lynn Miller
Yan Jin
Yukiko Hashida