The mission of the Infectious Diseases Working Group is to:

  1. Identify critical skills of an adaptable and responsive workforce best suited to control infectious disease outbreaks
  2. Provide cross-disciplinary training opportunities (seminars and collaborative projects) for MPH and Ph.D. students
  3. Develop applied research programs that bridge academic research and the public health mission

Comprised of students and faculty from across the College of Public Health, the working group provides expertise in population health and modeling of infectious diseases dynamics, qualitative and quantitative assessment of response impact, disease surveillance, development of diagnostic tools, diagnosis and treatment of acute respiratory infections, molecular epidemiology, and the emergence and persistence of infectious diseases. Membership will be extended to include other resources and research groups across the UGA campus. The University of Georgia is a global leader in infectious disease research. The infectious disease working group will focus on translating the outstanding work being done at UGA to improve infectious disease epidemiology and control.


Mark Ebell (co-chair)
Justin Bahl (co-chair)
Erin Lipp
Travis Glenn
Franklin Leach
Charles Easley
Luke Naeher
Mark Ebell
Justin Bahl
Ye Shen
Andreas Handel
Jose Cordero
Stacy Zhang
Adam Chen
Jean O’Connor
Savannah Hammerton
Destany Ware
Janyne Maria Musso
Nicole Wiley
Megan Beaudry
Monica Chan
Julia Frederick
Amanda (Mandy) Howard
Kenya Murray
Zane Billings
Rachel Mercaldo
Kiran Thapa
Sophia Drewry