The Sexual, Reproductive, Parent, and Child Health Research Working group affirms that attaining and maintaining the highest obtainable standard of health and health equity requires an integrated approach that promotes health and wellbeing for all throughout the lifespan.

Our goal is to produce high-quality, high-impact research findings that drive change, improve outcomes, and reduce disparities in sexual, reproductive, and parent and child health. We aim to develop and foster connections, collaborations, and partnerships with a wide range of key stakeholders including – people most burdened by adverse outcomes, governmental and non-governmental organizations, clinicians and healthcare facilities, advocacy organizations, community groups, and students and researchers within CPH, across UGA, and at other universities. Recognizing that real, substantial improvements require new ways of working, many of us are particularly focused on working hand in hand and to support the leadership of individuals and groups that traditional research has often marginalized and excluded. We also aim to learn and grow ourselves so that we are better equipped to innovate, lead, support, co-conspire, and advance our values into action and measurable outcomes.

Our working group includes a community of faculty, staff, and students with interests and expertise that span the lab bench to global health policy. Areas of expertise include health disparities, social determinants of health, environmental health, health policy, healthcare access, infectious diseases, epidemiology, biostatistics, health services, program evaluation, and prevention and treatment services and programs. We welcome additional participation and membership.


Drs. Andrea Swartzendruber & José F. Cordero

Current Membership:

Ian Bachli
Dr. Grace Bagwell-Adams
Dr. Tamora Callands
Mechelle Claridy
Dr. Paula Davis-Olwell
Kendra Driver
Marcus Dumas
Dr. Chas Easley
Robert Edenfield
Shantesica Gilliam
Dr. Katie Hein
Kandyce Hylick
Dr. M Mahmud Khan
Dr. Jessica Knight
Dr. Danielle Lambert
Emily Loedding
Rachel McCardel