The telehealth research work group fosters innovation in the distribution and dissemination of health-related education and services via telecommunication technologies.

We aim to address health disparities by promoting remote access to health services, such as patient-doctor contact, communication, and care, as well as public health education and interventions. We aim to foster research and innovation through the development of an integrated network of researchers, both within and outside CPH, with the goal of supporting collaborative grant submissions and research/outreach efforts, particularly within the area of rural health.


Jenay Beer (Co-Chair)
Andreas Handel (Co-Chair)
Nathan Hansen
Jean O’Connor
Cham Dallas
Mark Ebell
David DeJoy
Lisa Renzi-Hammond
Zhuo Chen
Tim Heckman
Chris Whalen
Dale Green
Heather Padilla
Jessica Knight
Ye Shen
Juliet Sekandi
Danielle Lambert