Edward Albert Rollor III

Emergency Communications Manager

Curriculum Vitae

Institute for Disaster Management

Edward Rollor has accrued an array of scholastic and practical preparation that has proven to be useful in the operations of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense (IHMD). At the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, he initiated field surveillance/research activities, provided training to new employees, and determined manpower, equipment, and supplies for research.

In service to the Institute for Disaster Management, he collected rodents in radioactively contaminated regions surrounding Chernobyl, and collected tissue from White-tailed Deer at the Savannah River Site. He has provided training to health care professionals and emergency communicators in the areas of Emergency/Risk Communications and Disaster Life Support. He works closely with the Clarke County Georgia EMA, Northeast Georgia Public Health, East Georgia Red Cross and Clarke County hospitals to provide emergency communications. He has had training in Advanced/Basic/Core Disaster Life Support and Community Emergency Response Team Training as well as many FEMA courses.

  • BS, Forestry/Wildlife Biology, University of Georgia, 1976