Heather McEachern

Undergraduate Student Services Director

Office of Academic Affairs

Heather serves as the information resource for students, faculty, and staff in the College of Public Health. She maintains undergraduate records and matters related to the CPH undergraduate programs. She is responsible for admissions, recruitment, and graduation for all undergraduate students within the College.

Essential or primary duties and responsibilities of the job:

  • Supply administrative and degree program support for the undergraduate majors related to public health.
  • Maintain data on undergraduate students (responsible for record keeping from the time the students are accepted until they graduate.)
  • Reports to Dean with all official numbers and information for the college.
  • Route and prepare paperwork for admission, registration, and graduation.
  • CAPA representative at the Dean’s Office level.
  • Help coordinate advisement of students with advisor.
  • Maintain weekly newsletter for undergraduates regarding upcoming events, deadlines, or announcements.
  • Budget representative for all public health student groups through the Campus Life Office.
  • Supervisor of the undergraduate ambassador program.

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Organize orientation of new undergraduate students to campus. (Assist with graduate orientations).
  • Collect and answer questions on applications for the BSHP program each fall and spring semester.
  • Review curriculum requirements and academic programs. (Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee support).
  • Plans/coordinates graduation ceremony each spring semester.
  • Host undergraduate recruitment events/tables around campus and/or locally.
  • Member of the UGA Academic Advisor Coordinating Council through the OVPI office.
  • ABJ, Advertising, University of Georgia, 1997