Lauren Miller

Undergraduate Ambassador

Undergraduate Ambassador, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion (BSHP)

Hey everyone! My name is Lauren Miller and I am a fourth year Health Promotion major with an emphasis in health services from Marietta, GA. I have always wanted to work in the healthcare field, and after reading and learning about infectious disease epidemiology, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in public health. Doing research into public health led me to the College of Public Health at UGA. Throughout my time at UGA, my public health classes have challenged me to analyze the intersection between health policy and science. In the future, my career goal is to become an epidemiologist and eventually conduct research for the CDC!  Outside of public health, I have volunteered with Oasis Tutors and Mercy Health Center. I am excited to meet all of you, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Roles & Responsibilities
  • New student recruitment, presentations, and serving as one of several spokespersons for a specific academic department with the College.
  • Participating in CPH lecture series, student welcome socials, graduation, and other programs during the academic year.
  • Participation in college-related programs with alumni.
  • Refine presentation skills
  • Increase leadership potential
  • Develop a strong professional network of students, faculty, alumni, and professionals in public health science fields
  • Work with other ambassadors on a specific project to benefit the College of Public Health