Matthew Sutherland

Undergraduate Ambassador, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health (BSEH)

My name is Matthew Sutherland.  I am a third year Environmental Health major. I am also a resident assistant in Brumby Hall.  A friend of mine first told me about EHS when we were in organic chemistry together, and before I switched I was your typical pre-med bio major. When I looked into EHS, I found that the major has a wider variety of applications instead of just medical school, which you can still pursue with this as well. I’m working towards an MPH in Epidemiology and I hope go attend UNC Chapel Hill or UGA for grad school. You can find me at Sanford Stadium every other Saturday in the fall, hanging around campus with friends and residents, and cramming for exams and finals in the Science Library.

  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • New student recruitment, presentations, and serving as one of several spokespersons for a specific academic department with the College.
    • Participating in CPH lecture series, student welcome socials, graduation, and other programs during the academic year.
    • Participation in college-related programs with alumni.
    • Refine presentation skills
    • Increase leadership potential
    • Develop a strong professional network of students, faculty, alumni, and professionals in public health science fields
    • Work with other ambassadors on a specific project to benefit the College of Public Health