Michelle Igori

Undergraduate Ambassador

Undergraduate Ambassador, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion (BSHP)

My name is Michelle Igori from Marietta, GA and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Health Promotion with a minor in Health Policy and Management. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and have some influence in eliminating health disparities. My goal is to explore solutions to ensure equal access to healthcare and improve quality of life globally. A career and expertise in public health will be the vessel that I will use to impact communities worldwide. Following my undergraduate degree, I would like to obtain a joint Masters in Public Health/Physician Assistant degree, which will allow me to see a different perspective of the United States’ healthcare system and critically approach issues surrounding healthcare across the world.

Service, leadership and public health are things that I am passionate about and I am blessed to be pursuing a career in a field that incorporates all three of them. As a Health Promotion student in the College of Public Health, I have the privilege of being taught by outstanding professors, getting to know my peers in my cohort, and discovering numerous service-learning opportunities and internships. I want other students to have a positive experience on UGA’s campus and to realize their own potential through the myriad of opportunities that the university offers. I am eager to represent the College of Public Health as an undergraduate ambassador and relay information about my experiences at the University of Georgia, and more specifically within the College of Public Health, to prospective students and to be an influential factor in a student selecting UGA to continue their collegiate studies.

  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • New student recruitment, presentations, and serving as one of several spokespersons for a specific academic department with the College.
    • Participating in CPH lecture series, student welcome socials, graduation, and other programs during the academic year.
    • Participation in college-related programs with alumni.
    • Refine presentation skills
    • Increase leadership potential
    • Develop a strong professional network of students, faculty, alumni, and professionals in public health science fields
    • Work with other ambassadors on a specific project to benefit the College of Public Health