Rebecca Horn

Undergraduate Ambassador, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion (BSHP)

My name is Rebecca Horn and I am a fourth year Health Promotion major and Global Health minor from Dunwoody, GA. I am on the pre-nursing track hoping to become a labor & delivery nurse! Before college, I knew I wanted to go into nursing or something similar, so, I went on UGA’s website, looked through every single major they offered, and found that Health Promotion was the perfect fit! I knew that the College of Public Health was the right choice for me because it gives me a more holistic view of healthcare and the social issues that inevitably go with it. I have loved the volunteer opportunities presented through this program, including my time at Compassionate Care Hospice where I spend time with the residents and get to know the Athens community. I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for the program with everyone. Go Dawgs!

  • Extra Special People, Inc.
  • UGA Miracle
Roles & Responsibilities
  • New student recruitment, presentations, and serving as one of several spokespersons for a specific academic department with the College.
  • Participating in CPH lecture series, student welcome socials, graduation, and other programs during the academic year.
  • Participation in college-related programs with alumni.
  • Refine presentation skills.
  • Increase leadership potential.
  • Develop a strong professional network of students, faculty, alumni, and professionals in public health science fields.
  • Work with other ambassadors on a specific project to benefit the College of Public Health.