Ronald Galiwango

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Ronald graduated from Makerere University in Uganda with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Statistics. Following his undergraduate degree internship with the MRC-Uganda Virus Research Institute, Ronald was awarded a Wellcome Trust funded strategic internship award in bioinformatics and computational biology thereby obtaining introductory training in the field(s). He then received his master’s in computational biology at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. There, he worked on a project exploring fatty acid profiles from plasma phospholipids as a tool for understanding metabolic and nutritional health and disease.

Currently, Ronald is working on a Fogarty-NIH fellowship for his PhD in epidemiology. His projects include studying many aspects of tuberculosis transmission, including using social networks of index Mycobacterium Tuberculosis cases, pathogen Whole Genome Sequences and Epidemic Network Modeling to characterize endemic Mycobacterium Tuberculosis transmission using data from a recently completed study in Kampala, Uganda on Community Health and Social Networks of Tuberculosis (COHSONET). His research interests include using computational approaches, big data analytics, and machine learning to answer epidemiology research questions.