Faculty, students head to 2022 APHA meeting in Boston

Public health professionals gathered both online and in person for the 2022 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo in Boston, November 6-9. Faculty, staff, and students from the UGA College of Public Health joined to “engage, collaborate, and grow” the field and as professionals.

College Faculty Presentations at APHA 2022

Adam Chen is giving a poster presentation, “Gender Pay Gap among US Nonprofit Hospital Executives: Evidence from the 2017 American Hospital Association Survey Data.”

Rifat Haider is giving an oral presentation, “Inequalities in undiagnosed diabetes mellitus among adult population in Bangladesh: Evidence from Demographic and Health Survey,” as well as a first author poster presentation, “Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences with Drug Abuse among Men who have Sex with Men Living with HIV: Mediating role of Difficulties of Emotion Regulation.”

He is also serving as the Chair of the HIV/AIDS section of APHA.

Chrissy Proctor is giving three first-author poster presentations:

  • “Good Luck with That”- How do we collect data about mental health and substance use in rural farmers?
  • Creating Diverse Sexual Health Medical Illustrations: Lessons Learned from the Classroom.
  • Pride and privacy: substance use in rural farmers and educational solutions.

Anita Reina, a postdoctoral fellow with the Institute of Gerontology, is participating in a round table discussion titled Lessons Learned from Community-Based Participatory Research Projects, presenting her work with the CARE Center. Anita is also giving an oral presentation, “Developing and implementing the Mind Your Heart Workplace Wellness Program: a novel online mindful nutrition education program for full-time working adults.”

Janani Thapa is giving an oral presentation, “Depression and Anxiety among College Students during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Rebecca Wells is presenting two posters along with two MPH-MSW alumni:

  • Rural Georgians’ Perceptions of Drone Technology for Health and Emergency Purposes, First Author: Sombal Bari, MSW, MPH
  • Black With ‘Baby Blues’:  A Systematic Review of Programs to Address Postpartum Depression in African American Women, First Author: Keilondria Robertson, MSW, MPH

CPH Student Presentations at APHA 2022

Jack Harth, a Ph.D. student with the Institute of Gerontology, is presenting a poster, “Measuring Ocular Health and Diet Quality in Diverse Populations, in Community Settings​.”

Noah Hopkins, a Ph.D. student in health promotion & behavior, is giving two first-author poster presentations:

  • Sources of Stress in Georgia’s Rural Farmers and Barriers to Treatment for Mental Health
  • Using the Socio-ecological Model to Identify Risk Factors Associated with Substance Use and Poor Mental Health in Georgia Farmers

HPB PhD student, Emily Loedding, is giving an oral presentation, “Understanding Lactation Policies and Resources Across a University System.”

Epidemiology Ph.D. student Erin McDaniel is presenting a poster, “How crisis pregnancy centers in the Southern United States use their websites to present as medical clinics: Findings from a content analysis.”

Kiran Thapa, a Ph.D. student in health policy and management, is giving an oral presentation, “National and State-level Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the US: National Survey of Children’s Health 2016-2020.”

HPAM Ph.D. student Biplav Tiwari is giving an oral presentation, “Structural Racism and COVID-19 Vaccination in the State of Georgia.”

In addition to these first author presentations, many of our faculty, staff and students are co-authors on posters, including Heather Padilla, Nate Hansen, Sally Kirklewski, Kathryn Chiang (PhD), Kayla Diprima (MPH), Alex Ruano (MPH), and Katie Hamilton (MPH).

Posted November 2, 2022.