Nathan B. Hansen

Health Promotion & Behavior

Curriculum Vitae

Health Promotion & Behavior


PhD, Clinical Psychology, Brigham Young University, 2000

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Health Psychology, Yale University, 2002

BS, Psychology, Brigham Young University, 1994

Areas of Expertise

Research: mental health treatment outcome, substance use prevention and treatment, HIV prevention, treatment and care

Teaching: program planning and evaluation, research methods, behavioral medicine

Course Instruction

Dr. Hansen’s teaching philosophy and experience is grounded in a commitment to tailored mentorship. His role as a mentor is a core component of his professional identity, and he is committed to offering the highest quality training experience, using a very hands-on, imaginative and collaborative approach.

Research Interests

Dr. Hansen has dedicated his career to conducting clinically-relevant research, both domestically and internationally, and within both clinical and community settings, focused on the mental health needs of people living with or at risk for HIV infection. Specifically, his research program in Global Mental Health and HIV Prevention aims to (1) address the intersection of mental health problems and HIV risk and infection, (2) reduce the global burden of suffering from mental health problems, and (3) increase the health and quality of life of those living with HIV.

Selected Publications

Betancourt, T.S., McBain, R., Newnham, E.A., Akinsulure-Smith, A.M., Brennen, R.T., Weisz, J.R. & Hansen, N.B. A behavioral intervention for war-affected youth in Sierra-Leone: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 2014; 53:1288-1297.

Haile, R., Rowell-Cunsolo T. L., Parker, E. A., Meyer, I. H., Padilla, M. B., & Hansen, N. B. An empirical test of racial/ethnic differences in perceived racism and affiliation with the gay community: Implications for understanding HIV risk. Journal of Social Issues. 2014; 70:342-359.