Public health is needed now more than ever.

UGA CPH offers a range of professional development opportunities to foster collaboration, information sharing, and life-long learning among our public health workforce.

Signature Programs

State of the Public’s Health Conference –

The annual State of the Public’s Health (SOPH) Conference brings together the public health workforce, elected officials, policymakers, academia, community-based health organizations, the business community, and others passionate about improving the health of all Georgians. Our goal is to foster discussion, idea sharing, and collaborations that lead to practical solutions to address the myriad opportunities and challenges confronting the public’s health in Georgia.

Public Health Leadership Academy – 

Understanding that a community’s economic vitality is directly impacted by the overall health of its citizens and access to affordable, quality healthcare, the College of Public Health and the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development with support from Georgia Power, launched the Public Health Leadership Academy (PHLA) at UGA.  The PHLA’s mission is to increase the capacity of leaders to transcend boundaries, work collaboratively, and transform their communities in order to improve the health of Georgians.

Specialty Training Programs

Georgia Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Educational Program –

The Georgia Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Educational Program, funded through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), serves to enhance the preparedness and resiliency of long-term care facilities in Georgia. Now in Year Two, the program offers both basic and advanced emergency response courses.

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