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As the state’s land-grant and sea-grant university, a core characteristic of the University of Georgia is a commitment to excellence in public service, economic development, and technical assistance activities designed to address the strategic needs of the state of Georgia along with a comprehensive offering of continuing education designed to meet the needs of Georgia’s citizens in life-long learning and professional education.

The Office of Outreach, Engagement & Equity supports the UGA College of Public Health’s mission by conducting activities to improve the health of Georgia’s citizens and their communities by partnering with academics, organizations and stakeholders to provide educational, research and training opportunities to individuals and communities throughout the state.

To accomplish this mission, the CPH Office of Outreach, Engagement & Equity:

  • Works with university and community partners to bridge academia and practice.
  • Coordinates and disseminates community-based research.
  • Provides technical assistance to communities for a variety of activities.
  • Acts as a champion for community-based health initiatives.
Highlighted Initiatives
  • Health Equity Hub  – The Health Equity Hub, serves as the nexus and home for the College’s efforts to improve public health for all.
  • COVID-19 Service & Practice Activities – Faculty, staff, and students at the UGA College of Public Health are actively contributing to Georgia’s COVID-19 response.
  • Annual State of the Public’s Health Conference at UGA – The College’s signature annual event, the State of Public Health Conference brings together public health professionals, researchers, business leaders and policymakers to address the state’s most pressing public health issues.
  • Archway Partnership – The College of Public Health, in collaboration with the UGA Archway Partnership, supports a cadre of CPH Public Health Professionals located across the state with a unique purpose of bridging community public health needs with University resources.

A complete listing of our outreach programs can be found here.


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