The active research environment found at the UGA College of Public Health is reflected in its centers and institutes which facilitate instruction, scholarly and creative activity, and research collaborations across disciplines.


  • Global Health Institute – The University of Georgia Global Health Institute provides an academic home for global health research and training initiatives of the College of Public Health and other programs at UGA that engage faculty and students in dynamic public health collaborations involving global partners.
  • Institute for Disaster Management – The Institute for Disaster Management seeks to reduce the casualties and social disruptions that occur because of natural disasters and man-made events, including the potential use of weapons of mass destruction. The Institute engages in risk analysis, long-term disaster planning to mitigate negative outcomes, training of emergency management professionals and the development of response capabilities and disaster management infrastructure.
  • Institute of Gerontology – For more than twenty-five years, the Institute of Gerontology has led the way in fostering education, research and outreach related to aging and older populations in Georgia and throughout the region. The Institute focuses on interventions and policies to alleviate health disparities, improve housing, and promote psychological, physical, nutritional and financial well-being of aging adults.