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UGA’s online courses and degrees provide an opportunity for more people to pursue a quality education from the most respected higher education institution and educators in the state of Georgia.

The UGA College of Public Health offers two online graduate certificates and numerous online courses –

Online Graduate Programs

Online Master of Public Health
This program allows working professionals to gain the expertise they need to confidently engage in complex public health issues and create a meaningful impact that can help transform the world’s wellness.

Online Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
In as little as two semesters, earn your Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and help improve the aging experience of older adults. The demand for professionals with expertise in aging is growing rapidly, as is the number of career paths, including healthcare, administration, finance, housing, and consulting.

Sample of Public Health Online Courses Offered (Fall 2021)

BIOS 7010E Introductory to Biostatistics I
BIOS/EPID 8060E Modern Applied Data Analysis
EHSC 7010E Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science
EPID 7010E Introduction to Epidemiology I
GRNT 3000E Aspects of Aging
GRNT 3010E Service-Learning with Older Adults
GRNT 3200E Introduction to Lifespan Health Psych
GRNT 3400E Cognition and the Aging Brain
GRNT 7100E Foundations of Aging
GRNT 7200E Lifespan Health Psychology
GRNT 7600E Pharmacology, Health, and Aging
HPAM 4615E Politics of Disease Control
HPAM 7010E Introduction to Health Policy and Management
HPAM 7050E Health Policy and Obesity
HPAM 7250E Human Resources Management in Health Care
HPAM 7550E Quality Improvement in Health I
HPRB 3010E Health Promotion in Public Health
HPRB 3850E Chronic Disease Prevention
HPRB 7010E Social and Behavioral Foundations in Public Health

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UGA has financial aid counselors who will assist you in finding the best available options to help finance your degree. Various types of aid including corporate or military assistance, grants, loans and scholarships are options. Contact UGA’s Office of Student Financial Aid to view a comprehensive list of available financial aid resources or call 1 (706) 542-6147.

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Consult your employer about the availability of tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs.

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U.S. Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. Visit the Federal Student Aid website to explore your options and to access the free online FAFSA application.


HOPE, and Zell Miller scholarships also apply to online courses for undergraduates. Visit UGA’s FAFSA information page for more information.

Graduate and undergraduate students may research and apply for various academic, need-based, merit-based or other achievements to help pay for their education expenses and generally do not require repayment. For example, the American Institute of CPAs sponsors a number of scholarships for students pursuing degrees and careers in Finance and Accounting. The Distance Learning scholarship is offered twice a year with deadlines on March 15 and October 15.

UGA students are encouraged to use Scholarship Universe to search and apply for scholarships.

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