Henry Sohre Kitiabi

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Study statistical analysis of epidemiologic data and management of information in infectious diseases; and within these areas, resonating with personal interests in global health, HIV, and tuberculosis research. My research revolves around the transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by studying individual patient characteristics and personal habits predicting their movement from one setting/location to another. We use both self-reported information and geospatial data from wearable mobile devices with the goal to understand mobility networks and track TB transmission in the context of a typical African city.

  • Master of Public Health, Georgia State University, Atlanta GA, USA, 2020, Epidemiology
  • Bachelor of Science, Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya, 2012, Biochemistry and a minor in Zoology
More About

My MPH thesis evaluated predictors of TB mortality among hospitalized ART naïve Kenyan children coinfected with TB/HIV, initiating antiretroviral treatment.

Areas of Expertise
  • Data analysis using SAS and or R
  • Performing literature review
Honors, Awards, and Achievements
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Fellowship Grantee (2018 – 2020);
  • State of Arkansas Governor’s Goodwill Ambassador Award (2018)
  • Kenyatta University Second Class Honors Upper Division (2012)
Research Interests
  • Research on Infectious diseases, with a focus on HIV and Tuberculosis
  • Global Health (Health of special populations such as refugees/economically disadvantaged families)
Selected Publications

Tyler J. Fuller, MTS, MPH, CHES, Mackenzie Leonard, MPH, CHES, Jenny Cochran CCCE, Rebecca Hutchins MS, MBA, Rachelle Brioche, BSN, RN, Henry Kitiabi, BSc., John N. Cranmer DNP, MPH, MSN, ANP-BC. (2020). Collaborative Development and Implementation of a Video-Based Curriculum Expansion to Improve Refugee Women’s Birth Experiences in the US. Published with the Health Promotion Practice. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32253924/