Keri Lydon

Environmental Health Science

Curriculum Vitae

Environmental Health Science

Dr. Keri Lydon is a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Health Science at the University of Georgia. Prior to her current position at UGA, Dr. Lydon worked at the United States Food & Drug Administration’s Gulf Coast Seafood Lab conducting research in microbial seafood safety. Her current research interests include environmental microbiology, seafood safety, and aquatic pathogens.

  • PhD, Environmental Health, University of Georgia, 2017
  • MPH, Environmental Health Sciences, University of South Carolina, 2013
  • BS, Marine Science, University of South Carolina, 2011
  • River Basin Center
  • SEER Center
Course Instruction

EHSC 2020: Orientation to Environmental Health Science
EHSC 4200: Climate Change and Public Health
EHSC 4310 + 4310L: Environmental Microbiology
EHSC 4610: Water Pollution and Human Health
EHSC 6310 + 6310L: Environmental Microbiology
EHSC 7010/7010E: Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science
EHSC 7650: Water Quality and Public Health

Research Interests

Vibrio species, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, Wastewater, Seafood Safety