What is the MPH Program?

The Master of Public Health degree, or MPH, is a professional, terminal graduate degree intended to prepare students for a career in Public Health. The degree is offered in seven different concentrations depending upon a student’s interest and desired area of focus. Upon completion of the degree requirements, the graduate will earn a Master’s in one of the following concentrations:

Average time to complete for the degree is two years. Students can request to change their concentration during their course of study by completing a MPH Change of Concentration Form.

How do I apply to the MPH Program?

MPH applicants apply to the UGA College of Public Health for Fall semester admission in one of the seven concentrations listed above. Applicants must apply through SOPHAS  (Schools of Public Health Application System) and submit an application fee to the UGA Graduate School. All information, requirements, and deadlines can be found on the MPH Program Apply Now page.

Students interested in one our dual degree programs will in most cases have to submit a second application to the partnering school or college. Please email us at [email protected] for more details.

Do you accept WES evaluations? (International)

Yes. International applicants may submit their WES-evaluated foreign coursework via SOPHAS as part of your online application. WES (or World Education Services) is currently the only such external evaluation service accepted by our program.

There are 2 main steps in the application process for international students, this includes a SOPHAS application and a WES application. For information, please visit https://www.wes.org/sophas/:

1. The SOPHAS application should be completed first to obtain a SOPHAS ID #. A SOPHAS account should be created if you do not already have one. To create an account, click “Create New Account” beneath the login information on the SOPHAS homepage. You will be asked to create a username, password and supply a valid e-mail address. You will also be asked to create a security question to help you retrieve your login information should you forget it. You will then be assigned a SOPHAS ID#. Be sure to retain all of this information. For your own security, do not share your password or account information with anyone.

2. The WES application should be completed next. Choose the International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) course-by-course evaluation, as this is required by SOPHAS. This is located on the website, https://www.wes.org/sophas/.  SOPHAS should be the recipient of our evaluation and enter your SOPHAS ID #. A list of frequently asked questions is available on this website as well.

Country specific documents should be sent to WES and these requirements are absolute. Carefully review what and how to submit your documents as failure to adhere to these requirements could delay your credential evaluation and assessment.

Which entrance scores are required for the MPH Program?

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is no longer required for the UGA MPH Program.

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language  (International applicants)
International applicants whose primary language is not English must submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores that are not more than two years old. Applicants who have received degrees from accredited institutions in the U.S. or from institutions in countries where English is the primary language (e.g., the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) usually are not required to submit the TOEFL (or IELTS) scores. If such an applicant received the degree more than two years prior to application to the Graduate School and has been residing/working in a country where the primary language is not English, he or she must submit current scores. Students who are currently enrolled and have been enrolled at least one year at a regionally accredited U.S. institution, may have the English language proficiency requirement waived, if their work shows a strong quality of performance.

International applicants should refer to the UGA Graduate School for supplemental application information.

How big are the class sizes?

Introductory courses tend to be bigger, having approximately 50-60 students. Once you start to take courses for your concentration, the class sizes get smaller, with about 25-35 students per class.

 What prerequisite courses are required for the MPH Program?

Prerequisites course are required for the following concentrations:

  • Environmental Health Science concentration: Courses that must have been successfully taken at the undergraduate level are: Biology, Chemistry I and II, and Organic Chemistry.
  • Biostatistics concentration: Admissions prerequisite courses are differential and integral calculus, and those with quantitative backgrounds (computer science, mathematics, or statistics) are preferred.

The remainder of the MPH concentrations do not have course prerequisites for admission.

Can I transfer credits into the MPH Program?

Transfer credits are subject to the approval of the MPH Graduate Coordinator. The policy for transfer credits is as follows:

Courses to be transferred onto a graduate student transcript must meet the following requirements:

  • taken at an accredited institution;
  • fall within the 6 year course time limit;
  • received a grade of B or better;
  • not used to fulfill requirements for another degree at UGA or another institution (you cannot count a course that you took in order to graduate with a previous degree towards the MPH degree).
  • With proper approval, six (6) semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred onto a master’s program of study. A request for transfer of credit cannot be made until a student has been admitted at UGA as a prospective candidate for a degree. The transfer credit must be included on the program of study (does this mean the class must be listed in the course catalog/degree requirement?). No grade below a “B” may be transferred, and the courses to be transferred may not have been used in a degree program at another institution.

Transfer grades are not used in calculating cumulative GPAs. All requests for transfer of credit, with accompanying official transcripts, must be received the Graduate School at least 30 days prior to the time the student plans to graduate.

What is the tuition for the MPH Program?

Tuition and Fee information can be found on the UGA Bursar Office website.

Is funding available for students in the form of scholarships?

The College of Public Health does award a small number of assistantships. Assistantships are given to students who work for the college for 13-20 hours per week. In addition to their monthly paycheck for their work, their tuition is waived (though student fees must still be paid by the student). Assistantships are generally awarded by faculty who receive money from research grants for research assistants. There is no formal application process. Students are encouraged to contact their department head to determine the best way to find available assistantship positions. Generally, once the students are admitted to the program, they will receive any announcements regarding open positions through the student e-mail listservs. Assistantships are generally awarded for one academic term (Fall and Spring semester) at a time.

Information about financial aid opportunities can be found here.

Is funding available for students through student loans?

Yes, please refer to the UGA Office of Student Financial Aid website for more information.

What do I do after my application is complete?

Nothing is needed from applicants once your SOPHAS application is complete and the supplemental application fee has been received by the UGA College of Public Health. You will be notified of your status throughout the process, including when your completed application has been sent to the designated department of concentration for their review.

The average time between the beginning of application review and notification of decision to the applicant is generally two (2) weeks. Once a decision is made, applicants will be notified via postal mail by the UGA College of Public Health.

When am I assigned an advisor?

Applicants who are admitted to the program will receive the name of their academic advisor during orientation, which is generally the week before classes begin. If you need to speak to someone in your department beforehand, you may call the department to which you have been accepted and request to speak to someone. Please visit our Departments and Institutes portal to find the appropriate contact.

Where can I find housing information?

It is best to research and apply for housing as early as possible once accepted.  UGA University Housing provides options for on-campus student and family housing.

Useful off-campus housing websites that may help you in searching and locating a place to live include:

Where can I find parking information?

Please refer to UGA Transportation & Parking Services for all of your parking and transportation questions and needs at https://tps.uga.edu.  It is recommended that students apply for a parking permit in their desired lot as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

Who should I contact with questions regarding the program and admissions?

For admissions information, please contact the MPH Admissions Office at 706-583-0885 or [email protected]

For program information, please contact the MPH Program Office at 706-583-0059 or [email protected]