Minaz Mawani

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Minaz Mawani started her career in health care with a bachelor’s in nursing from Aga Khan University Karachi, Pakistan and additional training in Critical Care from George Brown College Ontario, Canada. After graduation, she worked for four years in critical, cardiac, and post cardiac surgery care. Her interest to contribute to public health brought her to MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics program at AKU. In 2013, she graduated with MSc and completed research fellowship training at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is currently working on her PhD in Epidemiology through the Fulbright scholarship program.

Before Joining UGA, she worked as a research faculty member in Pakistan. She has worked on primary as well as secondary data while conducting hospital based multicenter observational studies, clinical trials and population-based studies. She also has an experience in teaching study designs and other epidemiological concepts to residents, fellows, clinical faculty members and students of master’s Program. She has been a clinical and research mentor to professionals from different countries and has several publications in relevant peer reviewed journals.

Honors, Awards, and Achievements
  • NIH-Fogarty Fellowship in Injuries and Trauma Research
  • Fulbright Scholarship
Research Interests
  • Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
  • Cardiometabolic risk factors
  • Pre-hospital emergency management
Selected Publications

Mawani, M., Azam, I., Kadir, M. M., Samad, Z., & Razzak, J. A. (2020). Estimation of the burden of out-of-hospital traumatic cardiac arrest in Karachi, Pakistan, using a cross-sectional capture-recapture analysis. International Journal of Emergency Medicine, 13(1), 1-7.

Masood, M. Q., Singh, K., Kondal, D., Ali, M. K., Mawani, M., Devarajan, R., … & Bantwal, G. (2020). Factors affecting achievement of glycemic targets among type 2 diabetes patients in South Asia: analysis of the CARRS Trial. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice.

Mawani, M., & Li, Changwei. (2020). Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19); Lessons Learnt from International Response and Advice to the Georgia Government. The Innovation, 1(2), 100025.

Ahmed, A., Akhter, J., Iqbal, R., Jabbar, A., Mawani, M., Awan, S., … & Tuomilehto, J. (2020). Prevalence and Associations of Metabolic Syndrome in an Urban High Diabetes Risk Population in a Low/Middle-Income Country. Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders.

Mawani, M., Kadir, M., Azam, I., & Razzak, J. A. (2018). Characteristics of traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients presenting to major centers in Karachi, Pakistan—a longitudinal cohort study. International Journal of Emergency Medicine, 11(1), 50.

Sheikh, A., Mawani, M., & Mahar, S. A. (2018). Impact of Ramadan Fasting On Thyroid Status And Quality Of Life In Patients With Primary Hypothyroidism-A Prospective Cohort Study From Karachi, Pakistan. Endocrine Practice.

Akhter, J., A. Ahmed, M. Mawani, L. Lakhani, A. Kalsekar, S. Tabassum and N. Islam (2017). “Patterns, control and complications of diabetes from a hospital based registry established in a low income country.” BMC Endocr Disord 17(1):30.

Mawani, M., M. M. Kadir, I. Azam, A. Mehmood, B. McNally, K. Stevens, R. Nuruddin, M. Ishaq and J. A. Razzak (2016). “Epidemiology and outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in a developing country-a multicenter cohort study.” BMC Emerg Med 16(1): 28.