Tru J. Patel

Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Trushar (Tru) Patel is a second-year Master of Healthcare Administration student at UGA. He earned his B.S. in Health Promotion with a minor in Health Policy and Management in 2022 from UGA as well. While born and raised in West Texas, Tru completed high school in Columbus, GA. With over 5 years of dedicated service as an advanced emergency medical technician, coupled with 4 years of immersion in various healthcare operations and business development roles, Tru has cultivated extensive expertise in the field.

Looking forward, Tru envisions establishing an ambulance service founded upon the core values and practices he has assimilated through his personal experiences and journey.

  • B.S. in Health Promotion, College of Public Health – University of Georgia, 2022
Areas of Expertise
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Business Development
  • Healthcare Project Management
Roles & Responsibilites

Teaching Assistant
The Teaching Assistant at the University of Georgia is a vital academic presence, seamlessly bridging the gap between educators and students. With a passion for fostering learning, they provide invaluable support to instructors by assisting in lesson planning, facilitating discussions, and offering one-on-one guidance. Their comprehensive grasp of the subject matter and their approachable demeanor create an inclusive and engaging learning environment. Dedicated to the academic growth of students, the Teaching Assistant at the University of Georgia plays a pivotal role in shaping a vibrant and enriching educational experience.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Treasurer)
The University of Georgia’s Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) relies on its Treasurer for adept financial management. Responsible for budgets, records, and fiscal collaboration, the Treasurer ensures resources align with IHI’s mission, enhancing its impact on healthcare initiatives.