At the University of Georgia College of Public Health, we are dedicated to promoting health in human populations and preventing disease and injury within the state and around the world through innovative research, exemplary education, and engaged service.

The need for public health education in Georgia is great, the average age of public health workers in the state is near 50, and there are insufficient numbers of students in the pipeline to replace these workers as they enter retirement.

As a fully-accredited College of Public Health, we are helping to ensure that a well-trained workforce will be available to protect our state and that ground breaking research can be conducted to prevent and better control the costs of issues such as high rates of premature death, infant mortality, infectious disease, heart disease and substance abuse.

With more than 20 degree programs, including the Master of Public Health (M.P.H), we are fulfilling UGA’s mission as the state’s land-grant university to train future leaders responsible for the public health and well-being of Georgians.

By bringing together many of UGA’s research, teaching and outreach programs in the areas of health and medicine, the College of Public Health allows UGA to better address the serious disease and health problems that affect populations around the state, country and world.

I invite you to reach out to our admissions staff and faculty members to learn more about degree programs and other opportunities that wait you at UGA and within a career in public health


Marsha Davis, Ph.D.