The Health Disparities Research Group strives to use innovative methods to apply a wide variety of methods and expertise to assess health disparities across different population groups, and to understand the public health and public policy interventions that can be used to address health inequity.

The Working Group is embedded in the Health Equity Hub in the College of Public Health, and is co-chaired by Dr. Grace Bagwell Adams and Dr. Adam Chen. Much of the College’s research in this area examines disparity by race, ethnicity, rurality and urbanicity, socioeconomic status, and other strata. The working group also has expertise in designing and evaluating interventions that may reduce and eliminate such disparities in the state of Georgia, the U.S., and globally. Group members represent a variety of disciplines, including health policy, health services research, health economics, health promotion and behavior, epidemiology from the College of Public Health; computer science, big data analytics, geological science from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and sociology from the School of Social Work.


Michelle Denise Bardgett
Grace Elizabeth Bagwell
Andrea Swartzendruber
Megan Bramlett
Christina Dawn Proctor
Janani R Thapa
Jose Cordero
M Mahmud Khan
Ryon J. Cobb
Stephen Lynn Rathburn
Lan Mu
Ye Shen
Pamela Orpinas
Sheng Li
Zhuo Chenb


Faculty of all ranks and students interested in engaging in this work are welcome to join. For further information, email Adam Chen at [email protected] and Grace Bagwell Adams at [email protected].


Activities of the group include a guest speaker series, a brown bag presentation of inter-collegiate and inter-university research, collaborative research activities, and grant writing among the group members.