Give a gift that grows. Endowed giving.

An endowment creates a permanent legacy of support. Through endowments, philanthropy becomes a long-term investment in the programs and students at the College of Public Health.  Endowment assets are invested and each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose.  In this way, an endowment can grow and provide support in perpetuity.

Our endowment allows us to be less dependent upon less predictable sources of income, ensuring that our programs and people have the resources they need to sustain and grow their work in the future.

“As an aspiring healthcare leader, I believe it is essential to focus on health disparities as everyone should be able to reach their full health potential. However, it is evident within our society that inequities have continued to persist within underserved and marginalized communities. With aid from this scholarship, I have curated safe spaces to talk about these inequities and have open and honest conversations about racial injustices and the importance of diversity and representation within the healthcare system.” 

Carlyncia McDowell
MPH, Health Policy & Management
Stuart and Renée Feldman Health Disparities Awareness Fund recipient

To create an endowed scholarship, fellowship or professorship contact [email protected].