The CPH Brand Identity

The UGA College of Public Health recently adopted a new mission, vision, and values statements, which reflect who we are and how we conduct our work in teaching, research, and service. As a part of this effort, we have adopted a new tagline – Pursue Understanding. Take Action.

We have also launched a new brand image that conveys who we are to key audiences – communities we serve, potential students and faculty, alumni, non-academic and academic partners, public health peers, and others.

Learn more about the CPH Brand –

CPH communicates through a number of channels — advertising, print collateral, websites, emails, social media, and even PowerPoint templates. Following a consistent visual and written communications style helps to establish the College’s identity, and these brand guidelines ensure that all communications reflect a unified image of the College and the University of Georgia.

To learn more about the UGA master brand, visit the UGA Brand Style Guide.

CPH Logos
What are my CPH logo options?

The graphic displays the four versions of the CPH logo - Vertical, Formal, Horzontal and Banner - along with the for color variations - formal, black & white, formal with white text, white.

Quick rules of thumb for using these logos:

  • Do not deconstruct any part of the logos or this system. This includes repositioning logo elements, recoloring them, or adjusting the proportions.
  • Do not use the shield by itself. It should be used in conjunction with a wordmark.
  • These guidelines are explained more explicitly in the UGA Brand Style Guide.

Logos for CPH offices, departments, programs, and research labs are also available. Contact the CPH Communications Office for details. Faculty & Staff: Logos can also be directly downloaded from the College’s policies portal on eLC.

Need a UGA logo?  Top-level University logos can be downloaded here. The use of athletic marks (like the “Super G”) are subject to the approval of the UGA Athletic Association.

When and where should I use the CPH logo?

CPH Faculty, Staff & Students: An official logo should be used, when applicable, on all public visual representations of the College of Public Health produced by CPH faculty, staff, and students. This includes but is not limited to: printed publications, departmental websites, PowerPoint presentations, posters, video productions, exhibit materials, etc. If the logo is not in use, the words “University of Georgia College of Public Health” must appear on the front of all official College publications and materials.

Student Organizations: The University has established unique, co-branding guidelines for officially-registered student organizations interested in using official UGA logos in their promotional materials, merchandise, and apparel. Please contact the CPH Communications Office for assistance in establishing your student organization’s visual brand.

When do I need logo approval?

Campus departments and recognized student organizations may use University of Georgia marks on product designs and on event promotional items. However, departments and organizations must follow the University’s trademark approval procedures for promotional items, merchandise, and apparel.

Any product (e.g. – t-shirts, mugs, pens, etc.) bearing a UGA trademark must be:

  1. Produced by an approved, licensed vendor; and
  2. Reviewed and approved through UGA’s Trademark & Licensing Office using the UGA Logo Approval Form. An art proof from the vendor (displaying UGA trademark use) must be submitted with the logo approval form to [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: Logo/artwork approval must be granted before an order can be placed if seeking internal reimbursement for the purchase of these items.

Items requiring review and approval are listed here. Additional information about UGA’s trademark usage policies can be found on the UGA Brand Style Guide.

Need help?

Let the CPH Communications Office be your guide. Email us at [email protected].

Download Logos

College of Public Health logos, created as a part of the UGA’s logo and visual identity system, can either be downloaded from this page or acquired through the College’s Communications Office.

CPH Logo Variations: The College of Public Health logo sets include four color variations in banner, formal, horizontal and vertical configurations. Each color variation is available in two file formats: vector (.AI) and raster (PNG).

Which logo file do I use?

  • Vendors………..… AI
  • Designers………..  AI
  • PowerPoint………. PNG
  • Word………….….. PNG
  • Email……………..  PNG
  • Web………………  PNG
  • Banners/Signs…….. AI

NOTE: The “Bulldog Red” color mix required for print (Spot or CMYK color – use AI) and digital screens (RGB color – use PNG) is different. Please be sure to select the correct logo format for your intended output to ensure colors are presented correctly.


Contact the CPH Office of Communications or visit the CPH eLC portal for faculty & staff to access logo sets for CPH Departments, Programs, Institutes, and other units, or to download versions of the CPH logo with our tagline.

NOTE: Any modifications to our logos confuse their meaning, diminishes their impact, and are not allowed. Precise logo artwork has been created to accommodate any usage need. Never redraw, translate, or otherwise alter our logo in any way. Guidelines regarding the official logos and marks of the University of Georgia and the College of Public Health can be found on the UGA Brand Style Guide.


Top-level University logos can be downloaded here. The use of athletic marks (like the “Super G”) is subject to the approval of the UGA Athletic Association.

CPH-Branded Templates and Visual Assets

Need to promote an upcoming event or course, or prepare for a presentation? Download the CPH template that meets your need below.  Have a suggestion on what we could add to this list?  Email us at [email protected].

NOTE: For files on OneDrive, go to “File” and then “Save As” to download a copy of the file.


Need help updating your signature in Outlook? Download our handy CPH Email Signature Update Guide. Then right-click and download the CPH Logo of your choice for use with the UGA Email Signature Builder.

CPH logo only (NOTE: Size logo to 160 px width for best results):

A downloadable version of the CPH formal logo to use in email signatures.

CPH logo with tagline (NOTE: Size logo to 400 px width for best results):

A downloadable version of the CPH formal logo with tagline - Pursue Understanding. Take Action. -to use in email signatures.