Who We Are

The Economic Evaluation Research Group (EERG) at the University of Georgia establishes an infrastructure to conduct economic evaluations, quantitative and qualitative analyses of health policies, chronic disease decision modeling, and evaluations of public health interventions and programs. The Group brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts to provide the methods necessary to conduct research relevant for informing health policy making in the state and nationally.

What Do We Do

The primary purpose of EERG at UGA is to produce four main products: economic evaluations, health policy analyses, chronic disease decision modeling, and public health program evaluations. These assessments and evaluations focus primarily on local- and state-level policies and programs to provide timely and important information for policy and other decision makers in the state of Georgia. Additionally, assessments and evaluations by EERG focus on important national policies and programs. Thus, EERG can play an important role in advocating for the improvement of population-level health at the local, state, and national levels. The secondary purpose of the EERG is to provide linkages of key faculty and staff with expertise to conduct economic evaluations, quantitative and qualitative health policy analysis, chronic disease decision modeling, and public health program evaluation for the purposes of obtaining research funding to produce scholarly outputs that will ultimately improve population-level health.


Phaedra Corso, PhD
Dr. Phaedra Corso, EERG director, is a UGA Foundation Professor of Human Health in the Department of Health Policy and Management. She worked for 15 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an economic analyst and is co-editor of Prevention Effectiveness: A Guide to Decision Analysis and Economic Evaluation, a primer on conducting economic evaluations in public health (Oxford University Press, 2003).

Justin Ingels, MPH
Justin Ingels is the EERG’s Research Director and assistant research professor in the College’s Department of Health Policy and Management. He holds a master’s degree in public health from the University of Georgia and received training in economic evaluation methods from Dr. Corso. He currently serves as the Research Director for the EERG and is responsible for the design of data collection instruments, management of the collection protocols, and data analysis. Justin is concurrently  pursuing a doctoral degree in Epidemiology from the UGA’s CPH.

Rebecca Walcott, MPH
Rebecca is a Research Associate in the EERG and manages several of the EERG’s projects in addition to her supervisory roles. Some of here various duties include data analysis, result summarization, and preparation of reports for external clients. Rebecca has master’s degrees in both public health and international policy from UGA.

Nicole La Tournous Llewellyn, MPH
Nicole currently serves as the EERG’s Project Manager and works on several projects with the team as a Research Assistant. She is also responsible for the EERG’s media presence, as well as supervising the undergraduate research assistants.

Hannah Southhall, MPH
Hannah is a research assistant in the EERG, supporting the EERG’s Project Manger in managing and implementing the research group’s various projects.

Graduate Research Assistants

Sam Elliott – samelliott@uga.edu
Sam, a UGA graduate student from Wilmington, NC, will graduate in December of 2017 with master’s degrees in both public health and social work. After graduating, she hopes to work in either the medical social work field or the global health arena.

Nikki Fillingam

Mary Ing – marying@uga.edu
Mary is a first-year MPH student concentrating in health policy and management. She is particularly interested in healthcare management and process improvement. Once Mary graduates, she wants to become a healthcare manager in a clinical setting. Currently, Mary is working on the Georgia SHAPE program among several others.

Brian Joseph

Yun Zhou – yun.zhou25@uga.edu
Yun holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics-Economics and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in the Statistics department at UGA. She is working with the EERG team on the home visiting project and coding with R.

How Can You Contact Us?

Economic Evaluation Research Group
Department of Health Policy and Management
College of Public Health
University of Georgia
Wright Hall
100 Foster Road, Health Sciences Campus
Athens, GA 30602


Twitter: http://twitter.com/EERGUGA
EERG Blog: http://ugahealthpolicy.blogspot.com/