Welcome Student Veterans! 

The College of Public Health (CPH) offers academic programs that help students translate their military experience into positive educational experiences leading to productive federal and private sector careers.  The CPH mission is to promote health in human populations, protect the environment, and prevent disease and injury in Georgia, the United States, and globally through innovative research, exemplary education and engaged service. Student veterans are uniquely qualified to step into careers focused on public health and we are committed to providing you with the support you need to be successful. We encourage you to take advantage of the following resources as you train to be future leaders in public health.

UGA Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC)

Founded in April 2013, the UGA Student Veterans Resource Center  is open to all student veterans at the University of Georgia and is conveniently located in room 128 of the Tate Student Center. The SVRC serves as the “go-to” location for wayfinding and entry into an array of services provided by the University of Georgia. The SVRC offers wide-ranging support, advocacy, and a convenient respite for our student veterans to gather throughout the day. For more information, please visit their website at https://svrc.uga.edu/. You can contact the SVRC office at (706) 542-7872 or [email protected].

College of Public Health SVRC Liaison

The College of Public Health, along with the UGA Student Veterans Resource Center, is committed to assisting veterans and current active duty military candidates in transitioning from military to academic life and beyond. Our SVRC Liaison works closely with CPH administrators, financial and academic advisors, faculty, and staff to ensure that the College environment is conducive to student veteran success.  Please reach out to the College’s SVRC Liaison with any questions you may about the UGA services and programs available for student veterans.

Heather McEachern
CPH Liaison, Student Veterans Resource Center
105D Rhodes Hall, Health Sciences Campus
706.542.3187 (office)
[email protected]