How to Apply for M.S./Ph.D. Programs in Epidemiology and Biostatistics


We are currently accepting applications to our M.S. and Ph.D. programs for Fall 2024 enrollment. Please note, we do not accept applications for a Spring Semester start. For the current admissions cycle, GRE scores are optional.

** The application deadline to receive consideration for full funding is December 1. **

Apply to the UGA Graduate School

For detailed information, please see the Graduate School Admissions Requirements (domestic).

  1. Online Graduate School Application and fee ($75 domestic / $100 international)
  2. One unofficial transcript from each institution of higher education attended, except the University of Georgia. University of Georgia transcripts are on file. Official transcripts are not required during the review process and will only be required for applicants who are offered admission. Do not mail official transcripts until offered admission.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Official GRE general test score report sent by testing agency. The UGA institutional code for ETS reporting is 5813.  No departmental code is required.
  4. A resume/CV.
  5. A personal statement. In this statement, please address the following topics.
    1. Tell us the area of emphasis/concentration that you want to apply to. Also provide some details on the topics and areas of research that interest you most, and specific faculty you might be interested in working with. We understand that this can change should you end up joining our program, but it will be useful for us to know what topics, and with which faculty, you want to work with. If you already have specific ideas for research projects, please describe them. A strong research plan will certainly strengthen your application.
    2. In your own words, let us know why you would be a great candidate for our program, highlight what you have done to prepare for success in our program, and why you want to pursue a degree in our program in the chosen area of emphasis. Anything that makes you stand out as a candidate, please highlight.
    3. Explain if you will require financial support (stipend/assistantship) or not. If not, please describe how you will support yourself financially for the duration of the Ph.D. program. This information is important since we often have limited funded positions available and if a strong candidate has independent, reliable funding, this will be important information for us to consider.
    4. Also use this document to explain anything in your CV that could use some explanation. For instance, if you took a year off to care for a relative, explain that. Or if you had a semester of difficulties during your undergraduate degree in which your grades suffered, describe this. Anything you think could use some additional details and explanation, please provide it in this statement.
  6. Three letters of recommendation. List the names of recommenders in the fields on page three of the online application along with their e-mail addresses. They will receive a link to access a secure page where they can submit your recommendation quickly and easily via the Web.

Please visit the following page for detailed application information, as well as available funding opportunities, for our department’s graduate programs:

Have questions?

We encourage prospective students to reach out to our office for more information about the degree programs in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Please contact EPIBIO Graduate Coordinator at [email protected] or 706-542-6288 with any questions.