Among UGA CPH’s many outreach efforts, these projects exhibit the College’s commitment to collaboration and innovation in addressing the critical public health needs of the state of Georgia.

Athens Wellbeing Project

Project Lead: Grace Bagwell Adams

The Athens Wellbeing Project (AWP) is an unprecedented collaboration among several Athens-Clarke County area institutional partners and community stakeholders. Led by the UGA College of Public Health, AWP’s mission is to empower the Athens community with meaningful data that will lead to more informed decision-making, improvements in service delivery, and greater quality of life for our citizens. AWP’s survey data close the gap in existing secondary data sets, providing our community with more robust information that can be used to inform policy and practice in a variety of settings. Our assessment provides information in five domain areas – lifelong learning, health, housing, community safety, and civic vitality.


Crisis Pregnancy Center Map

Project Leads: Andrea Swartzendruber, Danielle Lambert

CPC Map is an online interactive geolocated database of all of the crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) operating in the U.S. The tool was co-developed by Drs. Swartzendruber and Lambert and released in 2018. The primary aims of CPC Map are to help people seeking sexual and reproductive health services know which centers are CPCs and facilitate high-quality research to inform policies and programs. CPC Map provides information about the locations, services, and features of CPCs and encompasses a multi-year portfolio of research. It is the only national database of CPCs in the U.S. compiled and maintained using published, rigorous methodologies and protocols. Drs. Swartzendruber and Lambert have used CPC Map data to extend the scientific evidence on CPCs through peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals and national and international scientific conference presentations. The tool has also been featured by international (e.g., The Guardian, Reuters), major national (e.g., Politico, Vice), and regional (e.g., Atlanta Journal Constitution) news outlets, law reviews, radio shows, and podcasts.


Georgia Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Educational Program

Project Lead: Curt Harris

The Georgia Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Educational Program provides certified long term care facility caregivers and administrators with critical knowledge, skills, and abilities related to disaster and emergency management decision-making and planning. Through three one-day courses, the program provides valuable information on how to develop an emergency preparedness program that can be taken back to the facility and used to conduct facility-level education, training, and exercises. Now in its fourth year, the GA LTCEPEP has trained over 1200 staff members representing over 80% of Georgia’s certified long term care facilities.

Contact: [email protected]

CARE Center

Project Leads: Lisa Renzi-Hammond, Jenay Beer

The Cognitive Aging Research and Education (CARE) Center is an interprofessional, interdisciplinary center with the mission of reducing risk for Alzheimer’s disease throughout Georgia, and increasing access to diagnosis for persons in need. Persons who believe they may be living with or at risk for Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia can schedule an appointment with the CARE Center staff by calling (706) 542-2539 or by emailing [email protected]. The CARE Center offers education about what Alzheimer’s disease is and how to prevent it, geriatric medical examinations, neuropsychological assessment and other services. Persons with a diagnosis may also contact the CARE Center to receive a list of services and resources available within and around their home counties.

Contact: [email protected]