These PowerPoint slides are available for CPH students, faculty and staff to use as a starting point to create educational research presentations for conferences, meetings, and other academic exchanges. Preferred versions of the CPH logo can be found on these templates.

NOTE: To download these files from OneDrive, go to “File” and then “Save As” to download a copy of the file.

Print Poster Templates

e-Poster Templates
An e-Poster utilizes a monitor and computer to display multimedia versions of a poster. It takes less space in the presentation space, and offers an opportunity to more effectively convey information that would not necessarily be possible with a traditional printed poster. Dynamic visual elements such as videos, slide shows, animated charts or graphs, scrolling text, or 3D rotation of a model can be used to enhance visualization to attract interest of attendees.

NOTE: Detailed guidelines, as well as examples, for MPH capstone presentation e-Posters can be found in the MPH APE Manual.

Need to print a poster?  Tate Print & Copy, located in the Tate Student Center on UGA’s Main Campus, offers large-format poster printing as well as a variety of additional print services