Academic advisors in our Undergraduate Advising Office assist CPH students in planning class schedules, registering for courses, and becoming familiar with their program of study.

First Generation Students

If you are the first in your family to attend college, you may be feeling nervous about what you don’t know.  What is college all about anyway? What do terms like matriculate and degree audit mean? How should I talk to my professors? What if I don’t like my major?

Research & Outreach Opportunities

Interested in research opportunities with CPH faculty? Fill out this questionnaire, asking about your skills and interests, and we will contact you with potential matches.

Field Experience

College of Public Health undergraduate students gain practical experience and problem solving skills through internships, an integral part of the academic program at UGA. As interns, students work with companies, not-for-profit organizations, academic researchers, and federal, state or local government agencies. They receive from 3 to 12 hours of course credit depending upon the amount of time spent as an intern. Most interns work from 12 to 40 hours per week for a 10 to 15 week period and some positions are compensated by the host organization. Students consistently rate the internship experience as one of the most valuable parts of their education.

Student Forms