Degrees in Gerontology

People are living longer and the number of older adults is increasing, along with the diversity of their needs and interests. Simultaneously, many states predict dramatic workforce shortages in industries that provide services to our aging population. Therefore, the demand for professionals with expertise in aging is growing rapidly, and career opportunities in aging are numerous and varied.

The Institute of Gerontology offers a master’s degree specialization, a certificate for graduate students, and a minor for undergraduate students. In addition to academic programs, gerontology students have access to numerous community engagement, service learning, and research opportunities.

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Courses in Gerontology

Faculty at the Institute of Gerontology teach a variety of courses on aging, including topics related to health, housing, finance, psychology, nutrition, and policy. Course offerings vary by semester, so please check Athena for an accurate schedule of this semester’s courses.

Undergraduate Courses in Gerontology

Foundation Courses

  • GRNT 3000E – Aspects of Aging (required for minor)


  • GRNT 3010S/3010E – Diversity in Aging: A Service-Learning Experience
  • GRNT 3100E – Early Life Influences on Aging
  • GRNT 3200E – Introduction to Lifespan Health Psychology
  • GRNT 3400E – Cognition and the Aging Brain
  • GRNT 3500E – Smart Technology in an Aging Society
  • GRNT 3700E – Exploring Aging through Film
  • GRNT 4960R – Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research I
  • GRNT 4970R – Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research II
  • GRNT 4980R – Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research III

Graduate Courses in Gerontology

Foundation Courses

  • GRNT 6650E – Aging in Society (required for MPH, certificate elective)
  • GRNT 7100E – Foundations of Aging (required for MPH and graduate certificate)
  • GRNT 7200E – Lifespan Health Psychology (required for MPH, certificate elective)
  • GRNT 8200E – Public Health and Aging (required for MPH, certificate elective)


  • GRNT 7150E – Early Life Influences on Aging
  • GRNT 7400E – Cognitive Health and Aging
  • GRNT 7500E – Smart Technology in an Aging Society
  • GRNT 7600E – Pharmacology and Aging
  • GRNT 7800E – End of Life and Older Adults

Research, Practicum, Service Learning, and/or Independent Study

Permission of instructor required.

  • GRNT 8000 – Advanced Topics in Gerontological Research
  • GRNT 8010 – Advanced Topics in Gerontological Practice