On March 25-27, the College of Public Health hosted a 48-hour, Virtual COVID-19 Hackathon with the aim of bringing together public health students of all degree levels and backgrounds in a coordinated effort to provide meaningful, evidence-based public health information for Georgia communities.

Over 90 students participated in the event, and together, they produced over 30 resources in the form of infographics, videos, lesson plans, data visualizations, policy memos and more, for the purpose of education and public awareness of essential information.

These resources are available to all local, community partners across the state. Click on a category below to view free resources that you may use on social media, disseminate to your communities, and share with any stakeholders that might benefit from information related to COVID19 and essential resources during this time.

All resources are publicly available, however, we ask that you credit the students who created the resource and the UGA College of Public Health. Student information can be found alongside the resource links.


General Public


  • What You Need to Know about COVID-19 (PDF) – Creator: Savita Archer
  • Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet (DOCX) – Creator: Kedarnath Malapati
  • COVID-19 or Seasonal Allergies (MP4) – Creator: Abigail Bryson
  • Handwashing How To (PDF) – Creator: Stephanie Andino
  • The Importance of Physical Distancing (PDF) – Creator: Stephanie Andino
  • How Long Does Coronavirus Persist on Different Surfaces (PDF) – Creator: Stephanie Andino
  • “Don’t Be Jack” Comic Series (PDF) – Creators: Anna Chocallo, Lindsey Day, Austin Dobbs, Madison Olds, John Parker, Tom Richey

Outbreak Explainers

  • Pandemic vs. Epidemic vs. Endemic (PNGCreators: Sania Qazi, Amber Datta
  • How Does Testing Work (PDF) – Creator: Savita Archer
  • COVID-19 Data Stories: Watch on YouTube, or download China vs. Italy vs. U.S. (MP4-ver.1MP4-ver.2), All U.S. States (MP4), All U.S. State minus NY and NJ (MP4), Top 10 U.S. States minus NY and NY (MP4), Top 5 U.S. States minus NY and NJ (MP4), All Countries (MP4-ver.1MP4-ver.2) – Creator: Emmanuel Egbo

Fighting COVID-19 Disinformation

  • “It’s on Us” PSA (PNG-LogoPNG-No Logo) – Creator: Shellie Bardgett
  • Stop the Stigma (PDF) – Creator: Savita Archer

Mental Health & Wellness

  • Quarantine Bingo Activity (PNG) – Creators: Evan Alden, Dana Alvin, Molly Heinlein
  • Mindful Health: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy (JPG) – Creator: Anita Reina
  • Ways to Stay Occupied (PDF) – Creator: Savita Archer
  • Stay Healthy While Working From Home: Instagram infographics for Managing Your Space (PNG), Reducing Stress (PNG), and Staying Active (PNG) – Creator: Chantal LaFlamme

Coronavirus and Pets

  • Commonly Asked Questions about Pets & COVID-19 (PDF) – Creator: Hibah Abuhamdieh

Online Resources

  • Time Series COVID-19 Data Visualizations: This website, containing time series data visuals, was created to show the progression of COVID-19 in the U.S. through the course of the pandemic and highlight the days where individual states showed the greatest percent increase of confirmed cases. Raw data was sourced from the John’s Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) data repository and processed for visualization and publication on the website below. Creator: William Norfolk
UGA Community

Local Social Distancing Resources & Activities

  • Physical Distancing Resources & Activities for the Bulldog Nation: Stay Home Resource Manual (PDF) – Creators: Emily Boak, Thunwa Klaihathai, Anna Gerald, Mattie Veilands, Chandini Kannan

COVID-19 Testing for Students

  • What should I do if I’m showing COVID-19 Symptom?:  UHC Social Media Assets for Instagram (ZIP) and Twitter (ZIP) – Creator: Meg Bramlett
Older Adults


  • COVID-19 Older Adult Risks & Precautions: Infographic (PDF) and Social Media Assets for Instagram (PDFZIP) – Creator: Ally Chase

Engagement Activities for Older Adults

  • Stay Home, Stay Engaged, Stay Connected: Activities for Older Adults (websiteDOCXPDF) – Creator: Kim Wolf
Kids & Parents

For Parents

  • COVID-19: A Guide for Families (PDF) – Creators: Mallory Grizzle, Rachel Franklin
  • Talking with your Kids about COVID-19 (PDF) – Creator: Katherine Harper

For Kids

  • Animated Coronavirus Health & Safety Guide for Kids (website) – Creator: Sheba Mathew
Young Adults

Awareness & Prevention

  • “Do Your Part” PSA (PNG) – Creator: Julia Dolak
  • Crush this Quarantine TikTok Campaign:  30 Minute Challenge (MOV), Daily Routine for Quarantine (MP4), Don’t Touch This (MOV), Go For a Walk (MOV), Handwashing (MOV), Mental Health Resources (MP4), Toilet Paper (MOV), What is COVID-19 (MOV),  How to Stay Busy (MP4) – Creators: Alexis O’Neal, Kyle Fromme, Muskan Sharma

Instructional Resources for Students

  • COVID-19 Lesson Plan: Microbiology, Infectious Disease and Epidemiology – This online, three-module lesson plan is designed for middle and high school students and covers the following topics: Microbiology, Infectious Disease, and Epidemiology. Throughout the three modules, students learning about topics associated with the Georgia Education Standards through the lens of COVID-19. Creators: Julia Frederick, Megan Lott
Mental Health


  • People with Mental Health Disorders and the COVID-19 Crisis: Why it Matters (PNG) – Creator: Kiran Thapa

Selfcare and Stress Management

  • Mental Health Support for Healthcare Professionals (PDF) – Creators: Yasmin Goreja, Harris Jamal
  • 4 Things to Know About Stress During COVID-19 (PNG) – Creators: Erica Taylor, Shantesica Gilliam
  • 10 Ways to Cope With Stress (PNG-#1PNG-#2) – Creator: Kiran Thapa

Mental Health Support

  • Finding Mental Health During a Crisis (PNG) – Creator: Katherine Harper
  • What People With Mental Health Disorders Can Do During the COVID-19 Crisis (PNG) – Creator: Kiran Thapa


  • Homelessness and COVID-19 in Athens, GA: Infographics (PNG-DarkPNG-Light) and social media assets for Instagram (PNG) – Creators: Victoria Fonzi, Divya Ghoshal, Hannah Huang, Harrison Huang, Kyle Patel

How to Help

  • Policy Memo to Local Leaders: Homelessness & COVID-19 in Your Community (DOCX) – Creator: Logan Leggett
  • How to Donate to Athens’ Services for the Homeless (PDF) – Creators: Nikki Fillingim, Valerie Kimbrough
Vulnerable Groups

Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence and COVID-19: Alt Text (PDF) and infographics for Facebook (PNG-EnglishPNG-Spanish) and Instagram (JPG-EnglishJPG-Spanish) – Creators: Ashley Felt, Sombal Bari, Caitlin Moore, Julianne Blackburn, Avital Wulz

Substance Abuse

  • Avoiding the Urge to Drink: Maintaining Sobriety During COVID-19 Isolation (PNG) – Creators: Robert Coffman, Emily Townsend, Ash Warnock
Spanish Language

Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence and COVID-19: Infographics for Facebook (PNG-Spanish) and Instagram (JPG-Spanish) – Creators: Ashley Felt, Sombal Bari, Caitlin Moore, Julianne Blackburn, Avital Wulz