Our most current list of CPH members – faculty, staff, and students – assigned to college and university committees.

Updated on December 18, 2020.

Graduate Education Committee
Members Term
Kerstin Emerson (GRNT), Chair 2019-2021
Kevin Dobbin (EPID/BIOS) 2019-2021
Chas Easley (EHS) 2019-2021
Timothy Heckman (HPRB) 2019-2021
Janani Thapa (HPAM) 2020-2022
Megan Lott (EHS Student Rep) 2020-2021
Mumbi Anderson (ex officio)
Erin Lipp (ex officio)

Undergraduate Education Committee
Members Term
Katie Hein (HPRB), Chair 2019-2021
Kerstin Emerson (GRNT), Vice-Chair 2019-2021
Micah Gell-Redman (HPAM) 2019-2021
Allen Tate (EPI) 2020-2022
Anne Marie Zimeri (EHSC) 2019-2021
Isabelle Koscik (HPB Student Rep) 2020-2021
Heather McEachern (ex officio)
Erin Lipp (ex officio)

Awards Committee
Members Term
Pamela Orpinas (HPRB), Chair 2019-2021
Chas Easley (EHS) 2018-2021
Micah Gell-Redman (HPAM) 2020-2022
Ming Zhang (EPID) 2019-2021
Deborah Hadden (ex officio)
Jessica Legge Muilenburg (ex officio)

Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee
Members Term
Lesley Clack (HPAM), Chair 2019-2021
Anne Marie Zimeri (EHSC), Vice-Chair 2019-2021
Melissa Hallow (EPI) 2019-2021
Pamela Orpinas (HPRB) 2020-2022
Juliet Sekandi (GHI) 2019-2021
Shantesica Gilliam (PHD HPB) 2020-2021
Heather McEachern (ex officio)
Erin Lipp (ex officio)

Promotion and Tenure Committee
Jose Cordero
Cham Dallas
Mark Ebell
Kerstin Emerson
Nathan Hansen
Tim Heckman
Erin Lipp
J.S. Wang

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
Members Term
Janani Thapa (HPAM), Incoming Chair 2019-2021
Sarah Saint Hamilton (HPRB) 2020-2022
Nathan Hansen (HPRB) 2019-2021
Juliet Sekandi (GLOB) 2019-2021
Ye Shen (EPID) 2019-2021
Andrea Swartzendruber (EPID) 2021-2023
Deanna Walters (HPRB) 2020-2022
Anne Marie Zimeri (EHSC) 2019-2022
Tiffany Mukundi (UG Student, EHS) 2020-2021
Minaz Mawani (Grad Student, PHD) 2020-2021
Jacquelyn Hughes (ex officio)
Grace Bagwell Adams (ex officio)

Research Advisory Committee
Members Term
Tim Heckman (HPRB), Chair 2019-2022
Erin Lipp (EHSC) 2019-2021
Jessica Muilenburg (HPRB) 2019-2021
Andreas Handel (EPID/BIOS) 2019-2022
Lisa Renzi-Hammond (GRNT/Institutes) 2019-2021
Janani Thapa (HPAM) 2019-2021
Chris Whalen (EPID) 2019-2021

Outreach and Engagement Advisory Committee
Grace Bagwell Adams (HPAM), Chair
Jose Cordero (EPID/BIOS)
Curt Harris (IDM/Institutes)
Doctoral Student – TBD
Paul Brooks, UGA, Associate VP for Public Service and Outreach
Yvette Daniels, Georgia Department of Public Health

Online Learning Committee
Ivonne-Marie Bergés, Chair
Kerstin Emerson (HPAM)
Travis Glenn (EHS)
Melissa Hallow (EPID/BIOS)
Sarah Saint Hamilton (HPB)

CEPH Self-Study Committee
Paula Davis-Olwell (GLOB)
Kevin Dobbin (EPID/BIOS)
Kerstin Emerson (GERN)
Brittani Harmon (HPAM)
Erin Lipp (EHS)
Heather Padilla (HPRB)
Megan Bramlett (student)
Jacquelyn Hughes (staff)
Mumbi Anderson (ex officio)
Deborah Hadden (ex officio)
Jessica Legge Muilenburg (ex officio)

Faculty Advisory Committee
Jenay Beer
Mark Ebell
Travis Glenn
Heather Padilla
Chrissy Proctor
Ye Shen
Stacy Zhang

CPH Staff Council
Members Term
Sara Ervin, president 2019-2021
Deborah Hadden, vice president 2019-2021
Victoria Jordan, secretary 2020-2022
Becky Ayer 2020-2022
Rebecca Bacon 2019-2021
Jacquelyn Hughes 2020-2022
Amber Mallory 2020-2022

University Committee Representatives
Committee Representative Term
Curriculum Committee Brittani Harmon 2022
Diversity Committee Pamela Orpinas
Graduate Council Luke Naeher 2023
President’s Faculty Advisory Committee Jennifer Gay 2023
Promotion & Tenure Appeals Committee Mahmud Khan 2024
University Council Student Rep Tiffany Mukundi
University Council Representatives Tamora Callands 2022
Kerstin Emerson (incoming) 2024
Luke Naeher 2021
Lisa Renzi-Hammond 2023
Lili Tang 2021
Travis Glenn (incoming) 2024
Luke Naeher 2023
UC Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics Ye Shen 2021
Luke Naeher 2021
UC Committee on Statutes, Bylaws, and Committees Tamora Callands 2022
UC Council Representative to the Georgia Athletic Association Board Luke Naeher 2023
UC Executive Committee Luke Naeher 2023
UC Facilities Committee J.S. Wang 2022
UC Faculty Affairs Committee Ye Shen 2022
UC Faculty Admissions Committee Jennifer Gay 2022
UC Human Resources Committee Lili Tang 2021
UC Strategic Planning Committee Lisa Renzi-Hammond 2023
UC University Libraries Committee Jennifer Gay 2023